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April 12th

Day 338

Final Destination

London has been a truly extraordinary adventure - filled with meeting new friends, trying new foods, and getting to experience Groupon adventures-European style. With less than 24 hours before I journey back across the pond, I am looking to you for suggestions on the last few places I should venture to before May 10th and the culmination of 365 days of living off Groupons.

I’ll be in Chicago for a brief stint before heading on to my final destinations. I am looking to go to places that I haven’t yet visited including but not limited to:
Virginia Beach
St. Louis
Dallas/Ft. Worth

Choose from one of these cities or feel free to write in your own in the comments below!

Please send me an e-mail if you think you can help out with places to stay or chipping in for travel expenses - [email protected].

- The Groupawn


17 Responses to “Final Destination”

  1. Jill Pluimer says:

    Dear Groupawn…I highly recommend the Mile High City, Denver CO. We have the international airport so you can fly directly in from London (I LOVE LONDON)….I’ll be happy to pick you up and put you up at my home. We have much to see and do and this time of year is lovely. We can get you to the mountains and skiing if you want or enjoy a Rockies game with a cold Coors and dog….

    Can’t believe your year is about over….

    Regards, Jill Pluimer

  2. St. Louis can be a fun town. You would hate it in the summer (hot and humid) but the next month or two are perfect. Things to consider: Anheuser Busch brewery (along with tons of microbreweries), city museum (check it out- basically an adult playground), botanical garden (one of the best in the country), BBQ (a la Man vs Food), wineries & hiking/biking & rural stuff within a half hour drive of the city, zoo/museums are almost all free and close to train. Downsides: limited public trans and the need to avoid some sketchy areas.

  3. I vote for St. Louis!!! We rock, I promise :)

  4. you know how i feel about you coming to Denver/Boulder. (ie, HURRY UP.)

  5. Have you been to Orlando, Fl? And you have got to go to Atlanta. It is a great party town.

  6. Can’t make your last destination an easy one…. how about we pack you in a crate and ship you off to Brazil ( :P

  7. Laurie Cooper says:

    Portland, Oregon!

  8. Pittsburgh!!

  9. Philly!!

  10. I used to live outside Va. Beach and I can’t recommend it enough! Beautiful area, lots to do, and they’ve made some real changes in the past few years to make it one of the better-planned areas I’ve been to. Also, the restaurants are fabulous :)

  11. Orlando, hands down!!!!!!!

  12. kristen van sickle says:

    My votes are Atlanta or Denver. Never been to either but I have wanted to! Looking forward to seeing how you end your giant crazy adventure! Let me know what some of your needs are right now, I’m more in position to help than when we were in SF

  13. I vote Pittsburgh!

  14. Hey Josh,
    Excited that you are almost done! We got an email about a big ole’ party celebratin’ you being rich. Out of the cities you listed I’ve only been to Denver which is beautiful but I am sure whatever you pick will be good. see ya when you back!

  15. CoreyAnn says:

    I love Denver but Miami is also great this time of year (warm & sunny but not too hot).

  16. I vote for Dallas/Ft. Worth! Mostly because I live there. But, I lived in Chicago up until the last 3 years. I think you’d like it here! It’s different than the Midwest, in a good way. Come while it’s still nice and not too hot. :)

  17. MIAMI!!!!! I live here and the weather is great! You have the beach right there and the water just says “Welcome”! Come on down and I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

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