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Live Off Groupon is Over

Long story short, our Groupawn lived off Groupons for an entire year! Check out Groupon's amazing local deals and see if you can do the same! ... Or just browse and buy at your leisure.

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May 6th

Day 362

Good Eats (Part II)

This post recognizes my favorite overall Groupon restaurants as opposed to individual items featured in my last post. A small distinction maybe, but there were just too many incredible restaurants to fit them all in one post. Unfortunately two of them closed this year, leaving my top 5, of which three are from my home town of Chicago! So I’ll start there.


Las Tablas Columbian Steakhouse -

May 5th

Day 361

Good Eats (Part I)

After eating out almost every day for a year I wanted to compile a list of my favorite food and drink acquired with Groupons from all over the country*.


May 1st

Day 357


So today is my 29th birthday and there is lots to celebrate! Obviously I’m bummed that I couldn’t spend it with Girlpawn or my family/friends from home…

but my Denver Family & friend(s) (minus 6 year old and 20 month old)...

found the perfect place to take me for such an occasion. I apologize in advance for the quality of this post…I am currently on my way home from the bar with the largest single malt selection outside of the UK. In other words…I was just treated to a whole bunch of birthday Scotch!

April 29th

Day 355

My 10 (or so) Favorite Groupons!

With just 10 days remaining in the crazy adventure, I’ve been looking back on all of the amazing experiences I’ve had and wanted share 10ish of my favorite Groupon experiences from the last 355 days. It took me a really long time to decide and considering how many there are to choose from, I’m sure I’m forgetting a few in this particular moment. That said…here they are in no particular order:

#10 - Cooking Classes

Like this tapas class at the Creative Cooking School in Las Vegas gave me the rare opportunity to participate in one of my favorite hobbies while on the road this year...


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