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May 5th

Day 361

Good Eats (Part I)

After eating out almost every day for a year I wanted to compile a list of my favorite food and drink acquired with Groupons from all over the country*.


Chatoe Rogue’s First Growth Dirtoir Black Lager. This is my favorite dark beer!



Tupelo - “Comfort Dining With A Southern Drawl”

Best fried chicken I've ever had!

In Boston I also found one of my favorite beers...Left Hand's 400 Pound Monkey


Washington, DC:

Casa Oaxaca - “Authentic Mexican Cuisine”

Incredibly tender Pork Ribs in Green Mole Sauce. Maybe my favorite form of pork this year



Shaw’s Crab House - Oyster Bar

Best Lobster Roll ever! Perfectly crisp Texas Toast roll filled with fresh sweet crab meat.



Aspire Restaurant - Hotel Providence

Seared Scallops over Fall Gnocchi with a brown butter-sage cream sauce, roasted butternut squash, dried cranberry seeds and toasted pepita seeds.

Almost every time someone asked me about my favorite dish, this one popped into my head first.


Los Angeles:

Boraan - “Old School” Thai

The best Thai Iced Tea - perfect ratio of tea to condensed milk

Flavorful galangal and coconut milk Tom Kah Soup with giant shrimp.

Suba Sushi & Tapas - Long Beach

My favorite sushi has everything! Hot, cold, sweet, salt, crunchy, soft and then throw in some smokiness from that fire. What more could you ask for?


San Diego:

Lil’ Piggy’s BBQ - Coronado “Island”

These bad boys are stuffed with a special blend of cheeses and smoked in house. Incredibly addictive!


(*listed in chronological order)

- The Groupawn


5 Responses to “Good Eats (Part I)”

  1. Hey! Did you forget about Lemon Curd on ice cream in Seattle?

  2. Not at all Amy! I just didn’t buy it with a Groupon. I can’t get enough of that stuff.

  3. pat loeb says:

    and may I just say - YUM!

  4. OK, then the “tots” at the Wheelhouse had to have been your favorite Seattle eats acquired with a Groupon.

  5. Oops. Make that “The Waterwheel Lounge”

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