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Live Off Groupon is Over

Long story short, our Groupawn lived off Groupons for an entire year! Check out Groupon's amazing local deals and see if you can do the same! ... Or just browse and buy at your leisure.

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April 23rd

Day 349

The List

As I mentioned in my last post…

I'm going to post as comprehensive of a trading list as I can muster at this time.

On countless occasions I’ve been asked, “how does this work?”, so I’m going to give you a brief rundown of the trading process. If you think you’ve got it down, feel free to skip the instructions or just ask me whatever in your email.

April 22nd

Day 348

Bringin’ Back the Barter System

Today I made it safely to Denver, Colorado…this may be my final city on this crazy adventure. With just a few weeks to go, I look back at all of the amazing things that have happened and I’m amazed at how generous everybody has been. I’ve managed to get everything a guy could need for an entire year…and MORE! While many of those things were covered by this Groupon or that, sometimes a Groupon for Laser Hair Removal in Washington, DC, actually buys you a flight from Chicago to Phoenix and a three night stay at a Hotel in Vegas. You never know unless you try. I’ve tried. Sure, there have been failures, such as the time a Groupon for burgers in New York City just wasn’t enough for that cab ride.

But there have been hundreds of successful trades for everything from

The clothes on my back...

April 16th

Day 342

Mile High City

After tallying the votes, it seems that we have a winner by a mile…Denver, Colorado! Denver received almost twice as many votes as the runner up, St. Louis, Missouri (STL) which excites me since I’ve been to STL in my previous life. I’ve only been to Colorado once before and my time in Denver consisted of a one hour layover at the Airport before heading to Basalt to do some fly fishing with Grandpawn. That being said, I’m actually going to try to make it to both cities since I have about 3 weeks left to go, even if my visit to STL may be a bit shorter.

Now that my course has been charted, there is the small matter of travel and accommodations to consider. I just looked online and found a flight from Chicago to Denver for a mere $89 but I’m guessing that would have to be booked today…if you think you can help please text me at (312) 884-1842. If texting isn’t an option, you can email me at [email protected].

One thing I noticed is that Denver doesn’t have Zipcars so I may be somewhat reliant on others to help me get around. Does anyone know what Denver’s public transit is like? It may also be useful for me to try to trade someone for the use of a car, whether personal or a rental matters not to me.

April 12th

Day 338

Final Destination

London has been a truly extraordinary adventure - filled with meeting new friends, trying new foods, and getting to experience Groupon adventures-European style. With less than 24 hours before I journey back across the pond, I am looking to you for suggestions on the last few places I should venture to before May 10th and the culmination of 365 days of living off Groupons.

I’ll be in Chicago for a brief stint before heading on to my final destinations. I am looking to go to places that I haven’t yet visited including but not limited to: Atlanta Virginia Beach Pittsburgh St. Louis Miami Denver Dallas/Ft. Worth

Choose from one of these cities or feel free to write in your own in the comments below!


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