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April 16th

Day 342

Mile High City

After tallying the votes, it seems that we have a winner by a mile…Denver, Colorado! Denver received almost twice as many votes as the runner up, St. Louis, Missouri (STL) which excites me since I’ve been to STL in my previous life. I’ve only been to Colorado once before and my time in Denver consisted of a one hour layover at the Airport before heading to Basalt to do some fly fishing with Grandpawn. That being said, I’m actually going to try to make it to both cities since I have about 3 weeks left to go, even if my visit to STL may be a bit shorter.

Now that my course has been charted, there is the small matter of travel and accommodations to consider. I just looked online and found a flight from Chicago to Denver for a mere $89 but I’m guessing that would have to be booked today…if you think you can help please text me at (312) 884-1842. If texting isn’t an option, you can email me at [email protected].

One thing I noticed is that Denver doesn’t have Zipcars so I may be somewhat reliant on others to help me get around. Does anyone know what Denver’s public transit is like? It may also be useful for me to try to trade someone for the use of a car, whether personal or a rental matters not to me.

I have already seen a few suggestions of must see/do places in and around Denver but if you have your own, I’m always on the look out for the best of the best. I can’t wait to start exploring ‘Beer Country’.

Thanks everyone for your help!

- The Groupawn


7 Responses to “Mile High City”

  1. Our transport system is pretty well laid out. There are essentially two lightrail lines, one that runs southwest to Littleton and one that runs southeast to highlands ranch. The bus system goes everywhere, even to Boulder. If you can get internet, check out or specifically if you are looking to do a lot of traveling in one day.

    As for things to see:
    Denver Mint
    Denver Botanic Gardens
    Denver Art Museum

    If you can get to Ft. Collins (2 hours north of Denver) the Odell and New Belgium breweries are awesome.

    Denver breweries are numerous - Great Divide, Breckenridge, Wynkoop (one of my favorites). Dry Dock in Aurora (eastern suburb of Denver) was named best small brewery last year at the Great American Brew Fest. Strange Brewing company is also a good choice. If you want a more traditional route, take the tour of the Coors brewery in Golden.

  2. IF you come to St. Louis I can help you out with whatever you might need!!!! However, being a Cubs fan and all I can understand you not wanting to come here…LOL!!! Safe travels and anything I can do to help let me know!!!!

  3. Lived in Denver awhile ago, but RTD (Ride the Denver) buses suck especially on the w/e’s with limited service, however the light rail is the way to go. They are limited in where you could go within the metro area, still you need to make a trek down to the Park Meadows Mall (it’s NOT a shopping mall, it’s a shopping destination). I’m sure the fine people of Colorado would be willing to cart you around if you need a ride to somewhere specific. And yes Colorado has a lot of microbrewery’s and they are some of the best in the country!

  4. Audra Browne says:

    What I would suggest is this:
    There are buses out of DIA. Take the AF to the end of the line, and take the 17 (look it up, not quite sure) to the Coors factory, the tour is free. That would be my first stop!

    you could also take the AB downtown, where all the action is. We have a bike rental program here in the city. Just a thought.

    If you go to Coors, after you take public transit _out_ of Golden, Hit downtown, go to City O’ City (they sponsored a groupon some time ago, maybe still valid) and eat you heart out on Vegan Food and damned good beer.

    See the art museum, because it’s moderately ridiculous (and I believe today might be free day if you’re already here). See Sakura Square at 19th and Larimer. Check out the Mother Cabrini Shrine if you can get a ride up there, see the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo if you can get a ride there, Because you can honestly pet the giraffes. Ask locals for suggestions on Mexican food, because this is the sort of place that rivals LA for good, GOOD Mexican food. (I sugggest Taqueria Mi Pueblo on 26th and Federal, or El Taco de Mexico on Santa Fe Blvd.) Go see the “Silk Row” (South Federal Blvd), because it’s worth exploring, in my book, and take a cruise down Colfax for hipster locals and local not-so-savory color, too. Take a trip down Broadway and eat and drink to your heart’s delight.

    This place is weird and full of unexpected treasure, if you’re willing to ask around and look for it, and it’s a surprisingly nice place, full of beautiful, healthy people and lovely happenings, fantastic weather and remarkable scenery everywhere. It’s mostly friendly, and lots of people will volunteer to help you here, I suspect. The non-natives who are here, are here because it’s lovely, and they are exuberant extollers of Denver’s virtues, and the natives are still here because they come back time and again to find it not as bad as they had conceived it. Natives won’t tell you they’re happy to be here, but they don’t have to - you can see they truly love it in they way they’re proud of the fact that they are _from_ here.

    Contact me and I’ll be happy to take you about, especially if you are here on a weekday.

    Good luck, and here’s to the possibility that Chief Niwot’s curse will strike your heart and call you back to this place again and again.

  5. So glad you are coming to Denver!! I am a native and although I have lived many other places I always come back here. I can echo a couple of sights to see from other posts and some I have not seen mentioned: Museum, I think we have a beautiful library, the architecture of the Richie Center, RED ROCKS Amphitheater, and while you’re at Red Rocks a stroll through Morrisson will be nice. If you can con a local into it, a trip to Colorado Springs to see The Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak should round out a really nice trip for you. We have the most fantastic and unusal places to eat - The Hole (most everything is made from a dognut base), Beatrice and Woodsley’s (amazing decor and food but a little pricey), Cherry Cricket (famous for burgers), and the many breweries scattered throughout the metro area (The Old Mill in downtown Littleton is often overlooked but has the best Stout EVER!). Depending on when you’ll be here I am free most of the day (working silly early morning shifts) and would love to show you a bit of Denver!

  6. I’m jealous! I lived in Colorado Springs for several years, but spent a lot of time in Denver & Boulder! So many things to see; I won’t repeat everyone, but if you can, I’d suggest a side trip to Boulder - so beautiful! Not sure about Groupons there, though….
    Have a blast!!!

  7. Heh Josh, I’m writing to invite you to Whimsy Paint and Sip Art Studio in Erie. If you need a ride, we’ll pick you up and take you home as well. Come and paint with us! Beer? yep, New Belgiums…but why not try our specialty martini…the Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini :) Yum!

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