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April 10th

Day 336


I’ll admit that I wouldn’t know a flying buttress from a flying squirrel, and the only reason I have any clue what an apse is can be contributed to my affinity for crossword puzzles. That being said, I can’t get over how amazingly striking the buildings in London are…

Case in point.

Thus far, my favorite building has to be the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben…

April 8th

Day 334


Over the course of the last few days I’ve stumbled across interesting differences and similarities between London and The States, so I thought I’d share a few of these observations here today.

I finally got to try the classic British dessert, ”Sticky Toffee Pudding”.

April 6th

Day 332

Sleepless in London

Arrived in the UK at 7AM local time yesterday…

UK Border

After all these years of imagining the process of getting your passport stamped and going through customs, I was a bit disappointed that there was really nothing to it other than: “what is the purpose of your visit”, “how long are you staying”, “where are you going at the end of your stay”, #Stamp#.

March 30th

Day 325

Around Detroit

Knowing that I’d only have about a week between picking up my passport and heading out to London, I chose Detroit as my next stop since it would be easy to make the round trip within that time frame.

Being from Chicago, I had always heard mixed reviews of Motor City but I wanted to finally see it for myself. Let me start by saying that my first impression is that Detroit may be underrated. For one…there is no traffic, which in my book is a huge plus. This was also quite convenient since the majority of my Groupons took me from one outlying suburb to another, sometimes travelling over 100 miles round trip to use a deal.

I found downtown Detroit charming and could imagine a vibrant city if there were more people around. It was actually quite sad seeing so much potential and yet at times it seemed like a ghost town.


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