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Long story short, our Groupawn lived off Groupons for an entire year! Check out Groupon's amazing local deals and see if you can do the same! ... Or just browse and buy at your leisure.

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April 23rd

Day 349

The List

As I mentioned in my last post…

I'm going to post as comprehensive of a trading list as I can muster at this time.

On countless occasions I’ve been asked, “how does this work?”, so I’m going to give you a brief rundown of the trading process. If you think you’ve got it down, feel free to skip the instructions or just ask me whatever in your email.

Whether you’d just like to help me make it to the finish line or are hoping to get your hands on that Groupon that you missed…here’s how it works (no, I can’t get you anything that isn’t on this list…if other things popup, I’ll post a list of additions.):

1) Send me an email at [email protected]

2) Please include your name, city and which Groupons you are interested in taking off my hands

3) If you have any questions about a specific deal, I recommend that you Google the name of the business followed by the word “Groupon”. Sometimes multiple deals pop up, but it will give you info about the company and explain more about what is included.

4) Let me know if you have any additional questions.

5) Tell me approximately how much you are wanting to contribute in exchange for those Groupons you would like.

6) While I can’t touch money, if I have a dollar amount in mind, I can come up with some trading options in that ballpark or you could send funds to another helper who is waiting on contributions for the purchase of a larger item (like a plane ticket home!). If Paypal is an option for you…let me know that too.

I’ll be adding other Groupons soon…I have a number set aside for active trades and for survival purposes, of course.

The List:

(sorry for the formatting, any shorthand, typos and/or lack of description. Dates often mean when the voucher expires but some have been extended. You are welcome to call the business to find out if that is a hard deadline. I apologize if by the time I get your email, the deal you wanted is no longer available or already traded. Dollar amounts are the full retail value):

Atlanta 5/3 Facelogic Spa (Facial or Massage) $99
Atlanta 5/10 Goldstein Dental (Exam or Whiten) $249
Atlanta 5/1 Zoo (1 admit & rides) $30 x2
Atlanta 5/7 Opera Nightclub VIP Pass & 2 Drinks $70
Atlanta 5/18 Kate Byars Photo Class $75
Atlanta 5/19 Tavern 99 $25
Atlanta 6/11 Tongue & Groove (Cover & Drink for 4) $40
Atlanta 7/1 Clove Salon $125 new address
Atlanta 7/1 Laughing Skull Lounge 2tkts $40 x2
Atlanta 7/5 Trio Lawn Care $45
Atlanta 7/8 Roswell Ghost Tour 1 tkt $15
Atlanta 8/5 Prestige Heli (2tkts) $300

Austin 6/18 Party Cat Supplies $25
Austin Alamo Hypnosis Weight Loss $125
Austin Aquarena Center 2A & 2K tkts $30
Austin Aziz Salon $140 x3
Austin Boomerang’s Meat Pies $20 x2
Austin daVino & daVinci (painting class)$45
Austin Dog Almighty $10 x2
Austin Firehouse Subs $16 x2
Austin Habana Rest. $20 x3
Austin Hiking Yoga 2 Classes $40 x2
Austin Hometown Pizza $10 x3
Austin Hotel Allandale $149 x3
Austin LePA (Electrolysis, Facial or Anit Cellulite Vac. Massage) $100
Austin Mangieri’s Pizza Cafe $20 x2
Austin Marble Slab Creamery $30 x2
Austin Oasis $30 x2
Austin Palmer’s Rest. $30 x2
Austin Public Golf (for 2) $102 x2
Austin Rio’s Brazillian Cafe $30 x2
Austin Rock Gym Youth Pass $10 x2
Austin Seg City 90min $65
Austin Tea Lounge $6
Austin Tropical Smoothie Cafe $15 x4
Austin Veracity Aviation $150
Austin Vintage Villas Hotel $139 x3
Austin Warehouse Billiards $20 x3
Austin ZuZu Mex $15 x2

Bmore 5/11 Crepe Du Jour $25 x2
Bmore 6/10 Red Star Grill $30 x4
Bmore 6/11 Urban Pirate Tours (1tkt) $27 x2
Bmore 6/15 Padonia Station Bar $25
Bmore 6/28 Talara (Tapas) $30
Bmore 6/11 Cosmetic Laser Center (6 treatments) worth up to $1200

Boston Ballymeade Country Club $88
Boston Kingsbury Tennis Lesson $93
Boston company1 theater $129
Boston prudential-dental $512
Boston Blue Ribbon BBQ $15 x2
Boston Deluxe Town Diner $200
Boston G’Vanni’s Ristorante 3 Course Dinner for 2 (Sun-Thurs) $130 x2
Boston Glenville Auto $60
Boston Golf Masters $50
Boston Lil Vinnys $45 NA
Boston Marathon Rest $40 NA
Boston Motorsport Lab Ferrari $499 exp 8/26
Boston Republic of Wellness 1hr massage $80

Cbus 1 Stop Bead Shop (1 Jewelry Class)$70
Cbus Five Star Fitness Boot Camp 3 Classes $45
Cbus Flatiron Bar & Diner $30
Cbus Salon Lofts $80
Cbus Taste of Bali $20
CBus Wholly Joe’s $10
Cbus WineMakers Guild Experience $100
Cbus 5/5 Hilyard Photography $149
Cbus Advanced Dental Care Zoom! Whitening $600
Cbus Bronze Tan Studios (30 day unltd) $100
Cbus National Jean Co. $100
Cbus Nurtur Salon (Mani-Pedi, Facial & massage) $115

Colorado Springs
CO Springs Genesis Medspa Laser Hair $1000

Charlotte Carolina History & Haunts $15 x4
Charlotte Comedy Zone $10 x2
Charlotte Funky Town Parties $45
Charlotte Maid Pro $120

Chicago (updated)
Chicago Bulldog Bootcamp $195 (Hoffman Estates location closed…others are still open)
Chicago Thai Village $20
Chicago Pannenkoeken $20 x2
Chicago CrystalNailSalon $80
Chicago Pizza Tours $40
Chicago Usagi Ya $40 x2

Cincy Adrenaline Sports $30
Cincy Keeping It Green $60
Cincy Trihealth Fitness $60
Cincy Young Chefs Acad $30
Cincy Esthetic Dentistry $277

Cleveland 5/19 Red Geranium Vintage Goods $35
Cleveland 5/26 Synergy Paintball $47
Cleveland 6/16 Wood Trader Frames $100
Cleveland 6/22 North Coast Waverunner $140
Cleveland 5/24 Northcoast Laser Hair $560
Cleveland 6/14 uvary aire $225

Dallas Renew Beauty MedSpa $749
Dallas Adrenalina wave pool $40 x2
Dallas Bliss Cleaning $75
Dallas Massage Co $76

DC 5/10 Langston Bar & Grille $50
DC 5/25 Top Golf range $40
DC Pearson’s Wine $82
DC 9/2 Potomac Paddlesports $98
DC Freeway Airport 1hr lesson $170
Fairfax Comfort & Joy Manicure $40

Denver 5/27 Photo Element (Portrait Pkg) $540

Fort Worth
Fort Worth Bonzai Cycle Werx $80
Fort Worth Real Deals Home Decor $35
Fort Worth Lone Oak Winery $36 x2

Fresno Pita Pit $10

Hartford 8/13 Stone Age Rock Gym $60
Hartford 8/27 Bellinis Italian $40

Houston BounceU $30

Indy Arces Paintball $35
Indy Bella Natur Spa $65
Indy Chef Mikes Grill $30
Indy moody-eyes $58
Indy vine and table-$25
Indy Vito Italian $30
Indy Busy Bees Cleaning $125
Indy clarity facial $125
Indy freedom-helicopters $150
Indy Great Frame Up $100

Jacksonville Black Raven Pirates $28 x2
Jacksonville Campeche Bay Cantina $20 x2
Jacksonville Cha Cha’s Mex $20
Jacksonville Jamrock Caribbean $20 x2
Jacksonville Manatee Cafe $15

LA (updated)
LA Blush Salon Makeover $240
LA Savvy Facial $105
LA Smile Agency Zoom! $500
LA Another Side of LA Segway Tour $150
LA Aladdin Jr. $30 x3
LA Cayenne Mediterranean $40 x2
LA Creama $20 x2
LA Cupid’s Hot Dogs (for 4) $22 x2
LA El Pollo Inka $16 x2
LA Flappers Comedy Club 6 wk Class $250 x2
LA Iconic Pinups $250
LA Jap/Am Museum 1tkt $9 x4
LA Maderas Steak $40 x3
LA Mogan’s Cafe $45
LA Off N Running Tours $120
LA Olive Kitchen $50
LA Penguin’s Froyo $10
LA Richie Gaona’s Trapeze $60
LA Sardo’s Dinner $45 x2
LA Shakas Hawaiian Flavors $20 x2
LA Tarascos $15 x2
LA Tavern On Main $20 x2
LA The Wine Crush tasting for 2 $40
LA Virtual Snow $160

Las Vegas (updated)
Las Vegas Shalimar Studios $285
Las Vegas Emerald Suites $80 x3
Las Vegas Putt Park Mini Golf $34
Las Vegas Ross J’s Aloha Grill $15
Las Vegas Bravo Studio Salon $100
Las Vegas Delgado Dance Studios 1mo. $150
Las Vegas Elements Massage 55min $89
Las Vegas Menchie’s Froyo $10 x2
Las Vegas Mi Casa $30
Las Vegas Nielsen’s Custard $10 x3
Las Vegas Ondo Aesthetics Choc Facial $95
Las Vegas Sabor $30 x2
Las Vegas Skin City Facial $119
Las Vegas Tonic Salon Cut/Cond or Color $120
Las Vegas Winder Farms $68
Las Vegas Wolf Theater (Clarion) 1tkt x4

Louisville Deck Framing $100
Louisville integrity Cleaning $60
Louisville Admiral Bicknell Inn $199 x3

Madison Jazzercise $133

Memphis NY Suit Exchange $50 x4
Memphis LTS Massage $90

Mexico Playa Del Carmen Esencia Hotel $665

Miami Celebration Cruise (for 2) $688
Miami Baby posh clothes $45
Miami Biscayne National Park $45
Miami color me mine $30
Miami fratellila bufala $35
Miami Fred Astaire Dance $80
Miami Halfmoon Empanadas $20
Miami in style cupcakes $19
Miami Memory Factory $25
Miami Perfect Bronze Tan $50
Miami Wheeleez Bike Rental $27
Miami 5/4 Jewelry Workshop $140
Miami 5ElementWrap $135
Miami Laser Hair EmenaSpa (6 sessions) $1800
Miami Jet Ski Tour $139
Miami Movers Group $173
Miami Smiles By Design $241
Miami Tranquility at the Doral $100
Miami Gray Line Tour $49
Miami Little Miss Sweets $18
Miami Roho Salon $395

Minn Scuba Center $30

Nashville AutoDetail $100
Nashville Cashmere Salon Spa $85
Nashville lost-river-cave $15
Nashville Prime 108 $45
Nashville Sky Blue Cafe $20 x2

New Orleans
NO Jazzercise $119
NO Timberlane Country Club $100
NO Tony’s Carpet Clean $95
NO black & geauxld photo $325
NO Dr Gruezke Teeth White $444
NO bella-salon $50
NO Bombshell Waxing $50
NO Bright Organizing Systems $100
NO Lions Den Mens Salon $35 x2
NO Miyako Sushi $50
NO Nacho Mamas Mex $20
NO Oceana Grill $30

NYC Kuta Satay House $40
NYC La Estufa $25
NYC Paul Pellico Dance Classes 1mo $395
NYC Tread Bike Shop 1day $30
NYC Yushi (after 2pm) Downtown $20
NYC Art of Natural Beauty Spa Package-brklyn $400
NYC Body & Mind Laser Spa Queens $150 x2

Orange County
OC 118 Degrees $45
OC Catamaran Ride $79
OC Fired Up San Clemente 2 visits $60 x2
OC Seabirds $10 x2

Orlando Back Yard Burgers $16
Orlando Fun Spot $40
Orlando Pannullo’s Italian $30
Orlando Cakepop Shoppe $24
Orlando Snorkle With Manatees $50

Phoenix (updated)
Phoenix Class Fitness $100
Phoenix Rolf’s Salon $50
Phoenix AZ Climbing School $225
Phoenix AZ on the Rocks $50
Phoenix Bleu Pond Massage (60min) or Facial $85
Phoenix Cielo $50 x2
Phoenix Clarendon Hotel $315 x2
Phoenix Fuego Bistro $30 x3
Phoenix Hook Up Outfitters $150
Phoenix Let’s Do Dinner $40 x2
Phoenix Salon Tru $50
Phoenix True Rest Float Spa $79

Pitts Hollywood Tans $150
Pitts Melissa Photo $100
Pitts oh my ur gorgeous $125
Pitts Bagel Factory $20 x2
Pitts charlie’s ice cream $20
Pitts cut-sew-studio class $50
Pitts Firehouse Lounge $35
Pitts Mt Lebanon Books $10
Pitts Pain Center $75
Pitts Pluma $30
Pitts Salon Beleza 1hr Facial $85
Pitts U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team $249 x2
Pitts Wholistic Acupuncture $75

Portland Hilton 1 night stay plus 4 Zoo tickets (2 adult, 2 kid) $228 (Groupon sold for $99)

Providence Minigolf Masters $90
Providence Elite Skin Laser Hair $450

Raleigh Pulcinella Restaurant $20

San Antonio
San Antonio ConCan Resort & Golf $318
San Antonio Emali Salon $110
San Antonio Marioli Meals $34
San Antonio Paciugo Gelato $10
San Antonio SunbatheTan $50
San Antonio Get Sexy Bootcamp $247

San Diego (updated)
San Diego CityDog6Washes $72
San Diego Gut Check Fitness - 10 Boot Camp $120
San Diego Xpressive Arts Center $30
San Diego Serenity Dental Cleaning $475
San Diego Another Side Segway Tour $150
San Diego 5&A Dime $50
San Diego Bull Taco $15 x2
San Diego Carlsbad Ranch Market $15
San Diego City Pizzeria $25
San Diego Dick’s Last Resort $30 x2
San Diego Flagship Cruises (2tkts) $50 x2
San Diego Home Sweet Home Cafe $15 x3
San Diego Isabel’s Cantina Dinner $30 x3
San Diego Rock n’ Jenny’s Subs $10 x2
San Diego Sunrise Balloons $175
San Diego T-Deli $11 x2
San Diego Uncorked Tour $225 x2
San Diego Where You Want To Be Tours Savenger Hunt $60 x5
San Diego Wine Smarties $200

Sacramento (updated)
Sacramento House Kitchen Bar $22

San Fran (updated)
San Fran GolfTEC Swing Analysis $85
San Fran Global Yoga 2 mo. $260
San Fran Sutter Dental Zoom! $600 (Groupon sold for $195)
San Fran Adventure Out Surfing $95
San Fran Be My Guest Thai Bistro $25
San Fran Blue & Gold Fleet Cruise $24 x2
San Fran CA River Adventures 1/2 Day Rafting $117 x2
San Fran Catch $40
San Fran Change of Greenery Electric Bike Rental $75
San Fran Cocina Poblana (Oakland) $30 x2
San Fran Hayward Flight $285 x2
San Fran Isabella Farms Horseback $300
San Fran Laline (Bath Products) $40
San Fran OCSC Sailing $40
San Fran Polk Street Gym 3 Classes $40
San Fran Princeton Seafood Co $20
San Fran Saul’s Deli worth $30* x2
San Fran Snow Bomb for 2 $80 x3
San Fran South End Grill $40
San Fran St. Francis Winery for 2 $60
San Fran Swiss Delices $20
San Fran The Fix $15 x3
San Fran Tower Tours for 2 $142 x2
San Fran Tru Mani/Pedi $89
San Fran Wild Vine Bistro
San Fran World Gym 30 day Membership $40
San Fran Zen Day Spa $130

San Jose (updated)
San Jose Skydive Hollister $169

Seattle Armondo’s Cafe $35 11/10
Seattle Children’s Museum $30 6/23
Seattle History Museum $8 6/11
Seattle Marion Barber Haircut $36 8/23
Seattle Smith Tower Observ (for 2) 8/2
Seattle Utopia Froyo $10  5/31 x10

St. Louis
STL Salt of the Earth $50

Virginia Beach
VA Beach Tumbles Family Member Kids $84
VA Beach Zoots Dry Clean $30
VA Beach essential-wellness wrap $125
VA Beach great wall chinese $30
VA Beach Route 58 Deli $15
VA Beach Royal Choc Fondue $30
VA Beach Tidewater Flight Center $200

Online/National Deals
A&I Books $50
Arbitrage $140
Barclay’s Wine $75 x2
Blockbuster 5 rentals $5 x7 $40
Canvas On Demand $127 $20
Dip Sensations $21
Domino’s Pizza $20 x2
Dwell Magazine 1yr $20
Fancy Fortune Cookies Detroit $35
FitOrbit, Inc $194
Food & Wine Mag $25
Frame The Alphabet $135
Larger Than Life Mural $84 x3
Mixbook $50 x2
Nutty Guys $25 x2
Photobook America $115
Seuss Prints $89 x2
Wine Insiders $75 x2
Angel Bakeries $20 x3
Campus Quilt Co. $70 x2
Door to Door Produce $34
In The Zone $165
MIO Bags $35

Thank you all!


- The Groupawn


5 Responses to “The List”

  1. Josh, When do you return home, and what do you usual trade for help with Airfare, I would like to help out if you need/want any.

  2. Richard Wilkes says:

    Josh, Congrtz on your year..2 weeks to go..I had fun watching u do it..enjoy the money

  3. Hi Josh,

    I am new to this site but with prices on everything going up I became really interested in the “Cincy Keeping It Green $60 ” above. I am not sure what is going on here, or how this whole thing works. Send me a personal E-mail if you can and I can send you back my number. I’d rather talk over the phone unless you have a few pages of a small site that tells more details about the works of everything. You have my E-mail please Subject it Josh Stevens Reply. Mainly becasue I have been on line all night with so many different coupon sites. As I mentioned this is my first time getting envolved in anyhting like this.
    I really would like to learn what to do to get coupons at prices for free. :)

  4. @Vince - I’m heading home this week…there is no usual trade. Typically, you would tell me which of my Groupons interest you and about how much you think you can contribute in exchange for them and I’ll take it from there. Usually I can find something in that ballpark that I need or you can contribute to a larger fund like for airfare via paypal. Thanks! Send me an email with which Groupons you’d like.

    Thanks Richard! I have lots more stories…stay tuned!

  5. Oh Josh, you have so few Seattle Groupons! Is that because we are greedy for your delicious deals or because we are being slighted? *sniff* How does it feel to be in the home stretch?

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